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Published by Khawateen's editor 2019-01-28

Women leader’s adventure camp 3.

Women Leaders adventure camp 3 was a 4 days camp held at Swat from 27th December to 30th December, 2018. The event was a blend of various developmental workshops , discussions, capacity and team building with a variety of diligent themes for the empowerment of women. The sole motive of the campaign was to enhance and exercise the collective knowledge about various aspects of leadership for the females and by the females. The participants consisted of only females that totaled up to the figure of sixty. The Session also consisted a motivational speaker and as well as a training session with influential speakers and participants from all over Pakistan on board. The Four days event was held at different places of swat such as: Madyan, MalamJabba , Bahrain, Marghuzar and Fizagat. One of the training sessions was delivered by our very own Misbah Faiz CEO of khawateen rozgar services

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Published by Khawateen's editor 2019-01-28

Institute of Nursing & Sciences KMU.

The Seminar took place on 20th December 2018 at Institute of Nursing & Sciences KMU, KPK. The interactive session included activities about the maneuvering and polishing of skills needed to outstand in the job market. The participants shared their concerns regarding the problems they were facing such as the perception of local community about the nurses as they have been the target of various social stigmas contributing to the reputation of nurses. The general response of the participant turned out to be very engaging and positive. The females were able to exhibit an appreciable understanding after the session was over. We came to know that most of the nurses knew about the basics of ICT and were willing to use a platform like khawateen rozgar services to opt for sophisticated opportunities